Answer What ever you fancy....!!! game meat or pate i think Mash and onion gravy :-p Chips gammon or ham?...god i'm hungry now x Monst non white meats - venison, ham, lamb. Oops, not 'monst', most. Redcu... Read More »

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In microwaves - you heat up food really fast. Is it true that microwaved food will cool down faster than oven heated food Someone told me "if it heats fast, it will then cool fast."?

No. Microwaves cook the food in a very different manner than normal thermal heating, but microwaved food has the same thermal energy that it would have if it had been warmed by more traditional met... Read More »

How dangerous are plastics for storing and reheating food I remember hearing that plastic containers can release carcinogenic materials when reheating food in the microwave. I also heard that plastics can release "plasticizers" into food even when co?

While I'm not up to date on actual studies, I would think that most food storage plastics introduce very little contamination into the foods stored in them. We have become so concerned as a society... Read More »

How Does Chewing Food Affect Your Body's Abilities to Release the Chemical Energy of Your Food?

It is absolutely necessary to chew solid food to experience the releasing of chemical energy from the food. It would be impossible to eat an apple by swallowing it whole since it is too big to be d... Read More »

People who have worked in the Fast Food industry, What is the worse thing you have done to Customers food?

When I was working in an all night Snooker club, some Chinese fella kept gobbing in the bin, so my Manager gobbed in his Chinese noodles, I was retching!! and wouldn't deliver them to the table, s... Read More »