''like my status and''... ideas pleasee :)?

Answer "Like my status and I'll do absolutely nothing"

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Do You Know 'Like My Status For' Ideas?

There's This New One i've SeenIts Like This: Singer: Song: Something I Love: Something I Hate:(You Can Thing Of More Stuff To Put If You WAnt) The Point of it, is to put it on your wall, you can pu... Read More »

Why is everone saying "I like it on the kitchen counter/i like it on the floor" etc. on their facebook status?

It's women like this that give us a bad name. GIRL POWER GIRL POWER GIRL POWER. Get over it and stop trying to compensate for not having a dick. I thought the bra thing was slightly dumb but I kind... Read More »

On my facebook status i put like for an jonet rate and someone i dont like liked it helllllp!?

just domt do that persons rate,thats what i do...

Like for a line (Facebook Status)?

Just do llike for a truth or like for a tbh. Its much easier to do, cause in all honesty, i dont know what like for a line is! lol