''like my status and''... ideas pleasee :)?

Answer "Like my status and I'll do absolutely nothing"

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Do You Know 'Like My Status For' Ideas?

There's This New One i've SeenIts Like This: Singer: Song: Something I Love: Something I Hate:(You Can Thing Of More Stuff To Put If You WAnt) The Point of it, is to put it on your wall, you can pu... Read More »

Facebook status ideas!?

How about - 'I'm really uncreative with my status' so I'm going to get someone from Yahoo! Answers to think something up and claim it as my own! :D'

I need ideas for status' to post on facebook?

if you have to change what you are for a guy to "love" you, is it really "you" he loves?

Facebook Status ideas! Easy 10 points!?

Revising for the science exam! After all, I don't plan on being one of those who argon that day!Bad joke...