milk measurements?

Answer 1 UK pint = 568.26 ml, so 1/3 pint = near enough 190 ml. 1 US pint = 473.12 ml, so 1/3 pint = near enough 160 ml. (1/4, 1/3, or even 1/2 of a pint can be referred to as a gill, but the legal measur... Read More »

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Is it true that milk stored in plastic is not as healthy as milk in cardboard containers due to radiation?

Probably. HDPE (high density polyethylene) allows blue and ultraviolet light to strike the milk, degrading some of its nutrient molecules. It isn't radiation from the plastic but rather the sunligh... Read More »

I have noticed that the more I stir the milk into my coffee, the hotter it gets, even though the milk is cold. How does it work?

Stirring the coffee involves a transfer of energy from you to the coffee. That's because you are doing physical work on the coffee by pushing it around as it moves in the direction of your push. Wh... Read More »

Nutritional Benefits of Almond Milk & Hemp Milk?

Almond milk and hemp milk are creamy drinks made from plant materials. They contain no dairy, which makes them suitable for use by those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, vegan or who d... Read More »

How to Change Baby From Breast Milk to Formula Milk?

The bond between a mom and her newborn is fraught with emotion--particularly if the child is the mother's first--so replacing the breast with a bottle can be a scary experience. If you are at that ... Read More »