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Which fast food restaurants offer biggest size in fries and soda?

In microwaves - you heat up food really fast. Is it true that microwaved food will cool down faster than oven heated food Someone told me "if it heats fast, it will then cool fast."?

No. Microwaves cook the food in a very different manner than normal thermal heating, but microwaved food has the same thermal energy that it would have if it had been warmed by more traditional methods. Micr...

Is the biggest selling restaurant food: (a) hamburgers; (b) French fries; or (c) pizza?

Why is fast food called fast food?

Haha, yes it's fattening. But prepared quickly and it tastes great. It's also priced cheaply, compared to most " normal" restaurants.

People who have worked in the Fast Food industry, What is the worse thing you have done to Customers food?

When I was working in an all night Snooker club, some Chinese fella kept gobbing in the bin, so my Manager gobbed in his Chinese noodles, I was retching!! and wouldn't deliver them to the table, so he deliv...

Does it bother you that fast food restraunts offer food served from a bucket?

If The buckets are Cleaned in a Commercial Dish Washer they should be good enough for The Queen or President to eat out of , A Plate or Basket or even a Newspaper or Food box , as long as the Food is edible ...

Shuold fast food restaurants be held accountable for health issues blamed on their food?

No, you always have a choice to go somewhere healthy. Sure their food may be unhealthy but it's not their fault people choose to eat their food.

Is there a place in london where you can bring your own food/ fast food and eat there?

If you want to eat your food then you have to sit in a park or on bench. Owner of the best restaurant of the London will not allow you to eat your food in his restaurant.

How often are restaurants and fast food restaurants giving away left over food to homeless now in areas?

No, not many do it anymore. They can't take the risk by getting sued, so they just throw the remains away.CALii

Whats better, Mcdonalds fries or KFC fries?

I like McDonald's better but I am ashamed to admit that they are not as terrific as they were years ago. They sort of cleaned up their act nutritionally and use a purer oil now, so the result is...they aren...