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What perfume do girls like most?

My wife loves Christian Dior Midnight Poison. I like it also, so if you do not have it you should try it :)Also, my mother and my wife, both like Davidoff Cool Water - very nice scent. It is very popular so ...

Girls, What's you favourite perfume?

Obsession Calvin Klein (but it does change according to my mood)

Girls, Make up or perfume, which would rather run out of first.?

well, I would rather run out of parfumes, than of make up. 'cause, i'm a really nice smelling girl naturally, but have quite modest lashes and pale cheeks, also naturally ;)

Girls- What is your favourite men perfume?

What is your favourite perfume (girls only)?

Ralph by Ralph LaurenRomance (Ralph Lauren)Relaxing fragrance (Shiseido)

Girls what is your favorite perfume?

GIRLS! What's your favourite perfume?

Any good perfume for girls?

Princess by Vera Wang smells amazing...or Viva La Juicy

Questionaire for perfume bottle ( for girls only)?

1. Yes, I buy perfume2. I really love Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and celebrity fragrances3. Maybe Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese or Victoria Beckham. They all look stylish and have their on unique fashion.4....

Questionaire on perfume bottle ( for girls only)?

do you buy perfume? yes, I collect perfume and wear it.Whats your favourite brand of perfume? - Montale, Lutens, Guerlain, Sonoma Scent Studio are some of my favorites. Who/ what celebrity would you like to ...