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The Best Plus Size Clothes for Little Girls?

Shopping for plus-sized preteen girls can present a challenge. Altering clothing length to fit young bodies can be a frustrating expense, due to the rapid growth and changes experienced by children. Fortunat...

Guys, do you prefer girls with full make up, a little or none what makes them look best?

Any good perfume for girls?

Princess by Vera Wang smells amazing...or Viva La Juicy

Girls, What's you favourite perfume?

Obsession Calvin Klein (but it does change according to my mood)

GIRLS! What's your favourite perfume?

Girls whats your favourite perfume?

Oscar, by Oscar De La Renta - a warm, subtle, slightly flowery and very feminine fragrance.You need only a very fine spray as the perfume is strong and can be overpowering when first applied - best to apply ...

Questionaire on perfume bottle ( for girls only)?

do you buy perfume? yes, I collect perfume and wear it.Whats your favourite brand of perfume? - Montale, Lutens, Guerlain, Sonoma Scent Studio are some of my favorites. Who/ what celebrity would you like to ...

Girls- What is your favourite men perfume?

What perfume do girls like most?

My wife loves Christian Dior Midnight Poison. I like it also, so if you do not have it you should try it :)Also, my mother and my wife, both like Davidoff Cool Water - very nice scent. It is very popular so ...

Girls what is your favorite perfume?