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Which is the best torrent downloader?

utorrent - it's small in size, it hardly uses any memory or much CPU time.

I had windows 8 preinstalled on my laptop and i used a torrent to get windows 7 and i installed it?

What the hell do you people take on tasks like this when you haven't clue one what you're doing? First off, you CAN'T install windows 7 unless you have a valid key! You also need to be smart enough to find t...

How to Open Bit Torrent Files in Windows XP?

BitTorrent is a network protocol that allows large files to be transferred quickly over the Internet. Using BitTorrent, each person sharing a file devotes a small portion of her bandwidth to transferring the...

What should I click on in pirate bay 'Get this torrent' or 'get torrent file'?

Either one is OK. "get this torrent" is a link to the magnet link for the download"get torrent file" is a link to the torrentBoth will get the same content.This explains the two a bithttp://news.softpedia.c...

The best youtube downloader?

Youtube downloader "which is best"?

If you want a software you can download aTube CatcherDownload link: you don't want to download any software you can try this site: if ...

Youtube Downloader Help?

Download this YT downloader and converter I never had trouble downloading and converting videos and music with this application.

Youtube downloader help!?

i use the ::realplayer11 :: to downlaod video from youtube and play itit's free

I need a youtube downloader?

How to Use an Orbit Downloader With a Web Proxy?

The Orbit Downloader download manager supports streaming media, e-mail attachments and various files from websites. Compatible with many popular browsers, Orbit Downloader lets you pause and resume downloads...