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Why cant i post my comments and likes on facebook?

Perhaps your brain is saving you from yourself. Or maybe because you're on Yahoo answers, not facebook.

How to post comments on Youtube?

You have to post /watch link at the end, and then everything after this helps!

How do you post comments in bold on myspace?

Bold= bla Underline= blah Center= haha Font Sizes= bahdjf it could be any numberFont Colors= i like pink it could be any colorStrikethrough= shItalic=italic

How do you post a video to someone's comments on myspace?

On the right side of the video, you'll see there is a code.It will say "Embed" above it. Copy and paste into a comment!Hope this helps!^____^

How do you post comments on Image-Line Forums?

Is there a way to see what comments people post on youtube videos?

No you can only see unpublished comments on your own channel.

How do I post "↑ the person above me is a crackhead" as blue hyperlink txt in random comments on FB?

have you seen it in a recent comment? because that was possible months ago, but not anymore since it was being abused in the exact way you are trying to abuse it

facebook comments?

I've had this several times. Before you press Enter, make sure the mouse cursor is still inside the comments box. thank you, that is strange, but it works! Annoying isn't it, lost quite a few long comments b...

What does it mean if someone comments this on your facebook?

What does (Y) mean in msn and facebook comments?

(Y) Means Thumbs Up And (L) Means A HeartThis Is Because On Msn If You Type (Y) Then It Comes Up As A Thumbs Up Sign & (L) Comes Up As A Heart. Try It.Here Are Some Others You May Want To Know ;(N) = Thumbs ...