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How to Get a New Mobile Confirmation Code?

When you activate mobile text messages on Facebook, you allow the social network to send text messages directly to your mobile phone, including your friends' latest wall posts, statuses and messages. You may...

I need confirmation code for Facebook?

they send it to the email you used to sign up - no one here can give you oneand they wont send you one if you break the rules by creating more than one account

I am locked out of Facebook. They keep sending my reset code to a mobile number I don’t use anymore.?

If you dont have an email setup to recieve your forgotten password then your better off just opening a new FB account. There is a procces that you can do that will help them to identify you and hopefully get...

How i get my confirmation code?

Follow the link in any email notification you receive from Facebook. If you are not still getting a confirmation code, click here:…

Do you know my confirmation code?

no one here can know your confirmation codethey send it to your email account assuming you arent breaking any of the rules like lying about your name or age, or creating more than one account

How don i get my confirmation code?

What Is the Confirmation Code on eBay?

eBay is an online auction site where you can buy and sell goods. Registering on eBay lets you conduct all of your transactions from a single account so your details are always stored in one convenient place....

How to Activate a Facebook Account Without Confirmation?

Some features of Facebook may not be available before you activate your account. When you sign up for Facebook, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the email address associated with your account. ...

Does Facebook send email confirmation when an account has been deleted.?

it should be deleted after 24 hours i believe. And just check you email

With add a mobile number to Hotmail to acess how long does it take to receive the code?

Got to ask why microsoft want to know your other e-mail addresses and your phone number,,,, they don't do these things for free and so how will they make money from knowing your mobile number.... marketing t...