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Iv got a uk driving licence and i got 3 points how long before the dvla send my licence back?

to be honest. DVLA dont ask for the driving licence to put 3 points onto it. You should have sent it to the fixed penalty office to have the licence endorsed. The only reason you should have sent it to DV...

Driver's Licence?

hi italian babe...theory test £18,practical test is about £40...lessons about £25 per hour....thats it...

How long have you had your driver's licence?

Hi. I have had mine 1986 April 22nd, 22 years i only passed on my 3rd attempt. I love driving. And you are right the time has passed so quickly.

How to change an EU driver's licence into a British one?

Persons holding a valid EEU Community license are permitted to drive in the UK. Drivers must be at least 17 years old to operate cars and motorcycles, 18 years old for medium-sized vehicles and 21 years old ...

Poll: Do you have a 'Clean' driver's licence?

DVLA licence send back?

Send it all back. Cut the old licence in half so that it is still legable, both parts.No nothing needs to be written on it, that is all done.

Dvla address for lost licence?

Here you go:…

DVLA Changing paper licence to photocard?

Photocopy everything before you send it.Cut the licence through ONCE.Send recorded delivery or at least 'signed for'

DVLA say that I have never had a full driving licence?

I would in the first instance get in touch with the CAB and or a local solicitor. the reason for this action is simple. if you are stopped by the police or involved in an accident and there is no record of y...

I sent driving licence application to wrong dvla office?

No, they won't charge you again. They'll either send the whole lot on to the right address if they're feeling helpful or return the whole lot to you so you can do it properly.