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How Do I Defragment a Hard Drive?

Taking the time to defragment a hard drive will help to speed up a sluggish computer. Personal computers (PCs) or laptops running on the Microsoft® Windows® operating system come with defragmentation softwa...

Why does my computer take so long to defragment my hard drive?

Try installing Diskeeper 2009. It's much faster than Windows own defrag tool, or any other tool for that matter, plus it has an automatic mode that will only kick in when you are not saving or loading files....

How do you defragment your c drive?

Go the start, programs, accessories, system tools, defragmenter, and follow the instructions. Best do it overnight. Takes a while.

I want to defragment my hard disk but when i try to analyze it i get a window saying i need to run Chdsk/f?

I am trying to move a 4 gb file from my laptop hard drive to an external hard drive, but it keeps telling me..?

coz your partition has either got either FAT or FAT32 filesystem which allow a miximum size of only about 4 GB (maybe it dont allow 4 gb either but only those less then 4GB). partition your drive in NTFS

Why is my 1TB hard drive only 913GB I picked up a 1TB external hard drive from Maxtor but why is it short?

the measurement of a drive is the value of the storage that is not formatted. its not short it may be the two ways that drive space is measured, in bin, a terabyte is 1,099,511,627,776 bits the other way is ...

Increasing Hard Drive Space / Removable Hard Drive Storage Facilities?

You can get an external hardrive that runs through your USB port, they come in a variety of space (80GB to a terrabyte) so I'd say check them out..…

Can i buy a desktop monitor and connect it to an external hard drive without buying a big hard drive?

You can just buy a normal hardrive and Plug it in the USB and use it as a hardrive just save stuff to your external hardrive rather than the pc hardrive... You can buy good pc for like £300 that hve like 10...

Why can i not play music from my extrnal hard drive without copying it to my internal hard drive?

Thats becoz you have restricted access to the drive. go the it's properties and enable access

Hard drive update. Can I change my laptop hard drive to increase storage?

If the laptop is less 13" and smaller, chances are the laptop online has an enclosure for one drive, if it's bigger than you may have an extra drive slot to plug in a drive. But it really depends and you sho...