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How to prevent my profile from showing up when people search for my email address?

Well u can go to edit profile and it will give u some choices+ Seen only by you friends and your friends friendsLike if ur firend's friend searched for u your profile will come up+ Seen only by your friendsO...

Is this email a scam why doesn't it say my email address on the TO: part of the email?

How can I find a persons email address in Spain I have Spanish home address and phone no.?

When sending a covering letter by email, do I need to include my address and their address?

I personally wouldn't, I have sent dozens of email cover letters and when I got the interviews, there was never a problem with my cover letter. You only really need to write it if you are mailing it in.Good ...

Does anyone know of a easy way to fill in my email address,home address etc on websites without having to typ?

internet explorer does that now. but it's not a safe thing to do, since anybody who uses your PC will end up with that data

Received email from "LOTTERY BOARD" stating won £250K, contact them wih email, address, amt won! IS it A SCAM?

if you did not enter the lottery then its a scam if you replied it could either attach cookies to your email or a virus i received an email for something that said i had won and being me i replied i some how...

Why am i seeing this "we couldn't reach you by email. please enter a valid email address."?

its not a scam, it means you may have deactivated one of your email accounts and it cant send you notifications from facebook.

Facebook says "Incorrect email address" when i type in the email for my account?

How to Remove an Incorrect Email Address From the Email Cache on an iPhone?

By default the iPhone automatically stores all e-mail addresses to which you send e-mails using your iPhone in a hidden e-mail cache. Each time you compose an e-mail, your iPhone will automatically attempt t...

How do you put your email address onto the bar at top of your computer so when you are filling your email addr?

I think you mean google tool bar, which has an auto fill.Download the tool bar, Mozilla Firefox already has it. Then click on Auto fill, fill your details in the first time. Then you are set.