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Has anyone got the new Timeline on FB?

i'm not doing the time line. it's too much like myspace and it doesn't work on games and you can't change it back

Is timeline the new way facebook is looking?

it's not required YET, but soon, it will be required... you are best off learning how to use it now instead of later…otherwise, you will want this linkhttps://ssl.fa...

The 6 fb friends in the timeline..?

it's not based on 1 simple thing - it's a complex algorithm that they do not make publicit's based on interaction - and what defines an interaction?explained in general here

Where is the 'Timeline' on Facebook?

This guide will show you how to get Facebook Timeline:…Good luck!

Does anyone know how you can remove Timeline?

there is no way to remove it - everyone is being converted to the timeline - it's the new look for facebook, not an optional updatethis guide will help you learn how to use it

How to change Facebook timeline?

How do I remove Facebook Timeline?

I dont think u can SB. Xx not sure you can and everybodys will be like it soon Damn! Well that's pretty naff then. I accidentally catch the button and my whole Facebook page is ruined! It seems that Facebook...

Facebook friends on your timeline?

No it's not true. And there aren't any apps/pages on Facebook that can do it either

How can i hide my facebook timeline?

You cant, but you can "hide" certain things - just go to your security settings.

Facebook timeline privacy?

there are lots of them outlined here…