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How can you get facebook to send you an email with your facebook password without having to...?

Unfortunatly there is no way to. Facebook will send you an email with a way to access your account and reset your password. Of course, once you reset your password you can always switch your password back to...

How to change your password for Facebook without deleting your Facebook?

As with any online service, it's good to change your Facebook password from time to time. If you suspect your account's been hacked or you've inadvertently let your log in credentials slip to somebody you sh...

I need confirmation code for Facebook?

they send it to the email you used to sign up - no one here can give you oneand they wont send you one if you break the rules by creating more than one account

How to Activate a Facebook Account Without Confirmation?

Some features of Facebook may not be available before you activate your account. When you sign up for Facebook, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the email address associated with your account. ...

My facebook password was block, i want to remind me my password?

If you have an email address set up for that account click forgot password and it'll send a reminder to you email address open up your emails click on the link in the email and it will set you straight

Does Facebook send email confirmation when an account has been deleted.?

it should be deleted after 24 hours i believe. And just check you email

My Facebook password?

click on the forgot password link, enter your email address, and they will send you a reset link to your email

How can i get someone facebook's password?

Now why do you think people have passwords? It's to stop you getting in!If they have a 10 character password made up of letters [upper and lower case] and numbers you wont crack it that's for sure.

Forgot Facebook password...?

the only way to reset your password is to regain access to your email account first

Someone tried to change my Facebook password?

Yes, you should change your password and add 2 step verification to your account for security.2 step verification system is similar to what we use to see on the Gmail account which Google introduced a way ba...