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How to Get Free Gold in "Millionaire City" on Facebook?

Millionaire City is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate. In this game, players design and maintain their own virtual city while building businesses that can earn them income. Millionaire City feat...

What is a good Facebook game?

Ok here's what you do;- Log out of the Face book site- Shut down your computer- Leave your house- Go out with friends- Live your life for you and don't waste it eternally trying to prove you have a great soc...

Can't Remember Facebook Game?

Facebook Game CastleVille?

u cannot place that .... Inventory is the place where ONLY THE STUFFS WHICH U HAVE EARNED can be placed..... For example... If u find a ruby by killing beastie or by creating a super chopper from work cr...

Whats the best game on facebook?

The best game is to see how long you can go without logging in to Facebook.

Your favourite facebook game?

I've bookmarked five of my favorite facebook games : Pet SocietyMouse huntGhost trappersSorority lifeMyFarmRestaurant city.I also play Mafia wars,Egg breaker and Farm town every day.

Facebook game requests?

Usially yes. You can change this before you accept the game. It will come up with a pop up box asking permission to post on your wall.etc if you click deny it will re-direct you to the game and it wont spam ...

Current Facebook status game?

> Pick the month you were born:> January-------I kicked> February------I loved> March--------I karate chopped> April----------I licked> May----------I jumped on> June----------I smelled> July-----------I did...

What is the name of the Facebook game where you design your own cupcakes?

How to Remove Friends' Game Status off Facebook?

When you add an application to your Facebook account, you grant the application permission to post stories to your Facebook wall. Because items that you post on your wall also appear on your friends' news fe...