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Is facebook working for you?

hi ive seen this a lot, facebook has been slow for many recently. try making sure your java script is enabled, if not then delete your browsing history and cookies that has helped with a lot of people.

Facebook not working on MSN Please help?

it's actually simple all u have to do is go in to preferences/settings and there in personalize u need to change the password for your facebook u can even change your username.and if u r from uk then u can d...

Facebook not working!?

mine was working fine all day until just 5mins ago. now it says its upgrading and will be back soon.

Is it just me that facebook isn't working for?

there are lots of questions like yours this morning so am assuming it is not working.

Is anyone else's facebook not working?

I think it's down globally, Y!A is flooded with questions about Facebook being down and mine also isn't working. This message keeps appearing:Service Unavailable - DNS failureThe server is temporarily unabl...

Is facebook working for anybody ?

no mine been down all day my crops be dead now lol,seems to be mostly bt broadband users too

Anyone in UK's facebook not working?

I'm in the US and it isn't working. I suppose it's for all countries...?

Facebook not working, anyone else?

I've been connected twice today without any problem. Try another browser or a restart of the computer. If those don't make any difference, there's likely a server problem for your area or facebook is doing s...

Facebook Not Working...?

Why isn't Facebook working?

Try deleting your cookies.Settings>Histery>Clear All browsing History>From the beginning of timeMake sure you include cookies in that deletion, but not your passwords.