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I sent a message on facebook, deactivated then reactivated my account; how do i know if they read the message?

They can't see your message if you deactivated your account, and I doubt it is resent even after you reactivate it

If we sent message on facebook then we block the recipient will they receive the message?

yes they will get that msg but they won't be able to access on your profile

Can I find out if the recipient of a message on Facebook has read the message or not?

Nope, as far as I know, there's no way.I think it's against their privacy policy.

Can you send a message on facebook without being on facebook as can't access Facebook at work?

How can I stop Facebook sending me email notifications when I get a message on Facebook?

when you say yes to a application you get the option of the emails or not! You obviously don't uncheck the notification box. Just go into application settings and change it!

My computer is slow & I got a system message but I don't know what it means?

That message means your PC has no USB 2.0 ports so any USB cables that you plug in will use USB 1.1. USB 2.0 is faster, it just means if you transfering anything it'll take longer to transfer.

How to know if somebody like to hijack my filesmy internet is a little slow and always with a virus message?

First ensure that the Windows XP/Vista firewall is enabled immediately (I mean like now, rather than reading on!!). once you have done this you have some basic protection. Now go on-line and download Zone Al...

She has not seen my facebook message but she has been active on Facebook.. Any chance she has seen it?

She probably has seen that you have messaged her and didnt open the message, cuz maybe shes not tha intrested in you or she cant me.arsed to message back... Maybe shes had enough of people harshing her over ...

PC slow to come online freezes wont move for ages message short on memory?

"short on memory" refers to hard disk free space. For Windows 7 lor 8, you need at least 25% free space. It might also refer to ram, make sure you have at least 4gb, better with 8gb, though.You need to add ...

Has my message sent on Facebook?

Seen is when he CLICKS inside the REPLY BOX, otherwise he could just see it but if he hadn't click there, you wouldn't get SEEN message status [it's auto post-back]