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What Are the Different Modern Chair Designs?

Modern chair designs come in many different varieties, and are influenced by a wide range of contemporary and modern design theories. Glorifying form, function, and the use of modern materials, modern chair ...

What Are the Different Types of Rocking Chair Designs?

The three most common types of rocking chair designs are rockers, platform rockers, and gliders. The traditional rocking chair design is that which features two feet known as the rockers that are curved leng...

Guide to Windsor Spindle Back Chair Designs?

First made in the late 17th century and named for the town of Windsor, England, Windsor spindle back chairs were designed to combine rugged strength with graceful style. Antiques historian Wallace Nutting st...

How to Decorate for Christmas With Table Runners From Chair to Chair?

Your Christmas table will likely get a lot of attention during the holiday season, particularly if you frequently entertain friends and family for a nice holiday meal. Decorate the table with table runners f...

How to Make a Wing Chair Work As a Dining Chair?

A wing chair refers to a wingback chair, a traditional styled chair with a distinctive silhouette. Wings, rising up from the arms of the chair, join the back, creating a 90-degree or wider angle. According t...

How to Decorate the Table With Runners Going From Chair to Chair?

Table runners provide an easy and economical way to dress up a plain dining room table. You'll need to do a little prep work and exercise a little patience when it's time to lay the runners on the table. Rem...

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