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Torrents is not downloading?

Hi,File is corrupt, try another.Thanks

Torrents not downloading,?

because there are no trackers. i had this problem b4 u just have to wait and wait

Downloading torrents please help?

You need to use a VPN to change your IPSee this article:…Otherwise find a private tracker?

How can I see if anybody is downloading (torrents or otherwise) in my network?

Additionally to the above, you can use Windows' Local Security Policy utility to audit Process Execution. To do so:1. Goto Control Panel2. Administrative Tools3. Click Local Security Policy4. Expand The Loca...

Downloading Torrents, what does 'crack' mean?

This info that i give to you is for information purposes only and is not intended to incourage this behaviour.The term "crack" is basically saying that you can get programs for free, by "cracking" them to gi...

What Are the Fines for Downloading Bit Torrents?

Bit Torrent is type of peer-to-peer file sharing network. It can be used to share any kind of file. Since the files are shared by peers, this type of file sharing can be quicker and cheaper than other method...

I tried downloading google sketchup, and it has been downloading for the last hour, what should I do?

Question Spybot 1.4 not downloading updates, bad checksum!! when downloading updates?

This occurs when the update server you are requesting your updates from is busy. Try changing to a different mirror site by going to the Updates tab and selecting a different download source. (Click the down...


No expert but as understand it torrents are simply a way to share files peer to peer. There are sites that can list where things are found. But this tech can be misused for pirated stuff. If you are being...


isoHunt is a good site from where you can download most torrents. This site is home to the most comprehensive BitTorrent search engine, with cross-referenced trackers data you can't find anywhere else. Along...