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What are some good Tablets?

There is a wide variety of tablets on the market these days as they seem to be getting more and more popular (And will carry on doing so) they range from 7 inch displays all the way to 11 inch. Similar to pr...

Where is a good website to get tablets repaired?

Any good website with nice vintage style jewlelery for a good price:)?

A good cd player for my car, but dont want it to cost too much. any good ones anywhere without the hefty price?

Halfords is the place to go,they have good CD players,always have some kind of deal on certain modelsand they will fit it for you as well.Cost depends on model and whether you want a single player or multi p...

Where to find good cheap hard drives and graphics tablets?

I am always building computers and fixing them and I use Scan computers as I find them very competitive and efficient. Try them you are on I have a question on regarding Mondeo MK...

Any good tablets must have a camera must be ULTRA THIN and must have google play store,(under £300) thanks?

Is This Laptop Good Price And Good For Gaming?

sounds like a good laptop but.. however the dell alienware notebook would b the best investment only because they r the best..

What did you last buy a lot of because it was a good price?

Branston Baked Beans - £1.00 a pack of four.... I bought eight packs, about Christmas time... I'm just thinking I'll need to get some more in another month or so..!

Is this a good price for this PC?

What does "Price + VAT" on a good mean?

In this case it "price" does not include VAT