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Skype {Problems?

First right click on the Skype Icon in your system tray and change your status to "Offline" for 5 seconds and then back to "Online".If these not helps You then Try The Following Steps:1. First Please stop an...

I'm having problems with Skype?

This is a common problem with Skype.I would say either your gf's downloading or your downloading speed is too slow. Skype requires a high speed of Internet and also used a lot. Also if one of you have wi fi ...

Skype problems?

Open your Skype click on tools then option then audio settings and try changing your speaker input to your computer instead of the headset, it's a bit weird at first but this may help.

Why is Skype always having problems and not working?

maybe The Glitches are online , they can talk for days and mess up the system. ; )

Echo Problems in Skype?

Echo problems in Skype can be frustrating, as they interfere with your calls and make the experience rather unpleasant. If you're trying to conduct business, echo problems can make it even more difficult, as...

Skype sign up help, problems?

your question was confusing a bit so try to understand me.if you can't make a account, go on another device and try making a skype account from there (not from the same pc) (if it gives u a error, use a diff...

Norton/progs/skype - Still Having Problems?

Trayapp1) Are you using a HP printer? Re-installing the drivers will reload the missing file for trayapp.Get the drivers here your no longer using an HP printer...

Problems With the Recording Device on Skype?

One of the most common error messages in Skype is "problem with the recording device," or "error #6102.: This can be a software issue, hardware issue or both.

Why won't skype downloadI have a dell mini 10v using ubuntu 8.04 and when I try to install the skype it fails?

try the synaptic package manager in system / admin / synaptic package manager, insert password and when it loads type skype in the search box, just tick the skype package ( you dont need the oth...

Skype Users:How can I cancel my Skype account?

How to cancel your account? Simply by stop using it.There is not a paid subscription so there is no need to cancel/deactivate, just remove any personal info and abandon it.