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Having trouble installing windows live please help?

That sounds like a security problem, isn't there a little pop up window that asks if you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer? That's on mine every time I install anything. I'm using...

Windows Live email trouble. Help?

Try contacting them directly by email or create a new account in windows live sign up for a new one or use alternitive email account to send the code to!!! good luck if u get stuck then email me williamson46...


sounds like a couple of problems, nothing serious but annoying all the same.first off you say you have installed Win 7, make sure its got all the latest graphics driver updates etcto sort out your codec pro...

Norton on a windows 8 laptop is having trouble?

You may have installed an old version not updated for windows 8 or norton is not keeping up with times at all. In recent years norton has improved tremendously. I used to back kaspersky religiously but recen...

Having trouble setting up a second monitor on a windows 7 PC?

Never used a USB VGA connector, but I use a graphics card with an analog VGA and a digital DVI connector. I also run an HDMI to a TV. I can extend across all no problem. I use ULTRAMON an small program th...

Do Windows engineers ever ring you about computer trouble?

No chance at all that it's genuine "Do Windows engineers ever ring you about computer trouble?"No. Never. Tell them to hop it. scam i would have thought. I would get my mother onto the phone - by the time sh...

Im having trouble trying to delete my windows live account?

No, you can't do that.Did you realy thought that micro$ft would let you break contract with the devil?You should have think about it when you first made your account.

Windows Live Movie Maker trouble?

Convert the video first to a format that WMM accepts. Use this free converter: to WMV.

: I've just bought a laptop with Windows 8 and I'm having trouble installing The Sims 3?

Block it to not to connect to internet you can do it with windows firewall.

I've just bought a laptop with Windows 8 and I'm having trouble installing The Sims 3?

Download Origin from it, paste your Sims 3 CD key and then digital download Sims 3 files using Origin client.