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What part time job can I get in advertising/marketing without qualifications in marketing whilst I'm at uni?

Sales for a promotional item company. :) Actually, any sales. You don't need experience to start off (although there's a lot to learn product-wise) but you do need to be willing to sell. And truthfully, ever...

Is email marketing dead for internet marketing?

Google "email marketing" and see how many results you get. Email Marketing is definitely not dead, actually, it is still said to be one of the marketing tools with the highest ROI. Though it seems that Socia...

Marketing and advertising?

1. A Levels and Grades mean nothing. I don't have many good grades at all but I've managed to start up 2 businesses and I'm only 19. I've also given my previous jobs business & marketing advice and they've m...

Advertising, Marketing, Seo.?

You could try checking with your local Tourist Board for free or low-cost opportunities there. I used to look after the marketing for a conference / training centre which also did team-building type activiti...

How Tesco use internet marketing and how New Look use internet marketing?

A-Levels to take for advertising/marketing?

statistics,artPlease give me the 10 points for best answer!!

Reataurant Advertising & Marketing?

1. Go on the street and take free samples. 2. Give leaflets with introductory 10% discount. 3. Give every woman a red rose that visits the restaurant (they will remember this)I have many other ideas. Contac...

Does advertising / marketing benefit in a recession ?

Absolutely does!The two best times to advertise are... When the economy is booming, as you want to grab as much of the 'good time' as you can... and when the economy is weak, as you NEED to spread the net wi...

Is a career in advertising/marketing good pay?

I just saw a list of the high paying jobs in demand, and advertising manager was the highest on that list. It beat out computer programmers. It's what I do for a living.

Marketing and advertising of my E-commerce site?