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I run a building company and am sick n tired of marketing/advertising companys phoning me?

i understand what your saying mate , i too run a business, and im fed up with marketing companys phoning me up. i must get about 7 or 8 calls a day. drives me round the bend ! most of them try to sell me che...

About internet marketing for a company website to attract clients and increase sales?

Wow... you're asking for a 3 year course summarized in a paragraph. It's like ordering a airplane in a box. Internet Marketing is very complex and there a a lot of things you can do to increase sales. Here a...

What part time job can I get in advertising/marketing without qualifications in marketing whilst I'm at uni?

Sales for a promotional item company. :) Actually, any sales. You don't need experience to start off (although there's a lot to learn product-wise) but you do need to be willing to sell. And truthfully, ever...

I want to know the address of the new advertising company in co. cork called clearwater advertising?

Does any one know of any good free advertising for advertising my inflatables hire company?

Does anyone know anything about a company called The Klub Ltd, a sales and marketing company?

The are a company that takes on 'Self Employed' staff where you have to sell things to make commission????

Is email marketing dead for internet marketing?

Google "email marketing" and see how many results you get. Email Marketing is definitely not dead, actually, it is still said to be one of the marketing tools with the highest ROI. Though it seems that Socia...

Advertising, Marketing, Seo.?

You could try checking with your local Tourist Board for free or low-cost opportunities there. I used to look after the marketing for a conference / training centre which also did team-building type activiti...

Marketing and advertising?

1. A Levels and Grades mean nothing. I don't have many good grades at all but I've managed to start up 2 businesses and I'm only 19. I've also given my previous jobs business & marketing advice and they've m...

How Tesco use internet marketing and how New Look use internet marketing?