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Justin Bieber Games for Girls?

Justin Bieber is a teenage singing sensation who has preteen and teen girls swooning. From his signature hairstyle to his dance moves, Bieber has become an icon for girls. If your daughter is having a Justin...

Who is YOUR favorite you-tuber (Yes, fan-girls. That included people like Justin Bieber..)?

How to get abs like Justin Bieber?

To have abs like Justin bieber, you have to starve yourself and become gay

How Did Justin Bieber Become Famous?

Justin Bieber became famous after his YouTube videos were discovered by Usher. Usher landed him a contract and he released his first album to much success.

Justin Bieber Halloween Costume Ideas?

Justin Bieber has taken over the radio with his catchy pop hits and stolen the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. Whether you're trying to borrow some of Bieber's luck with the ladies or poke fun at this yo...

Add Justin bieber this is his real account?

Oh so your a DJ or as you say "Deejay" ........ which means i'm a poser "DJ"!If you are a DJ you should know that this horror and many of his kind exploit and are slowly destroying the music industry whilst ...

How Much Money Does Justin Bieber Have?

Justin Bieber is considered to be more popular in social media than Obama and Dai Lama. He is said to be worth $112 million.

Justin Bieber twitter user name idea?

Biebers_baby? I myself love justin bieber. He makes me happier than my own father can and justin bieber doesn't even try

Where does Justin Bieber get this jacket?

Many times for the 'stars' clothing is custom made. Once it becomes hot the producer puts the line out for the public. By then the star has moved on to something else even hotter than the last item.It is gre...

Is Viagogo a safe website to buy Justin Bieber tickets from?

I bought My World Tour tickets from there in 2011. They came on time and were front row seats. Best experience of my life and so worth paying the extra. I got my Believe tour tickets from there too, second r...