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What are the measurements for size 8 UK?

why become a size 8? at 5 ft 7 your the perfect size? go to a 8 and you will look all skinny unless thats the look you want.edit..noticed your only 14 so your bodies still will lose weight nat...

What Are Measurements for a Size 12?

Knowing your size in actual measurements helps when you're making your own clothes or browsing through international clothing abroad or online, where your size twelve may not be called "size twelve" in that ...

What clothing size would i be in the UK (measurements included)?

That's roughly the same as me, so you'd be about an 8 or 10, depending on which shop you go to or the cut of the clothes :)

How to Determine Clothing Size Measurements?

Measurements can be tricky, especially when it comes to clothing. Sizes are not universal so determining measurements for different clothes is essential. You may find it difficult because a medium shirt from...

I am measuring myself to find a right size bra. Can anyone help me with the measurements i have got?

How to Read Your Body Size Measurements?

Besides your height and weight, you have a basic set of body measurements. They are taken when having a garment specially made or when items of clothing are taken in or let out. To measure a specific area pr...

My caravan tyre size is 175 13R with no profile size how do i find size to get a quote?

The standard profile is 80% so, even though it is not stated, it is actually a 175/80/13 tyre.

Is size 12 (british size) Fat (size 10 american)?

It definately isnt and dont let anyone tell you any different!

Are these measurements ok?

Sounds abit like my measurements haha.How tall are you?I'm 5'7 and people call me skinny lol

How to Measurements?

You can make sure of many measurement equipment such as tape measure to get the correct height or width of a certain object. Just be accurate in getting measurements so that you won't have to repeat the proc...