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I want a tattoo of a star although im not too sure exactly on a design, any ideas or pictures?……www.tattoojohonny.com

How to Get Tattooed on Miami Ink?

Miami Ink is a reality television show on The Learning Channel that follows the colorful lives of five tattoo artists and the customers they ink in their shop. To have the best chance of being selected to ap...

Theme Motels in Miami, FL?

From wild nightlife to scantily clad beachgoers, Miami, Florida, offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to gawk. If you want the exciting Miami experience to extend to your lodging, try one of Miami's t...

How Far is Miami From Fort Lauderdale?

The shortest distance from Fort Lauderdale to Miami (by car) is approximately 44 kilometres by taking the I-95 N. The distance from other routes may vary.

How to Dump an Old Mattress in Miami?

One of the most troubling pieces of household garbage to get rid of is the mattress. An old mattress is large, bulky and difficult to move and it's not something you can just store in a closet. However, thro...

How Long is the Flight to Miami?

Flight to Miami, Florida from UK takes 15 to 30 hours depending on connections and transit time per connection. There are no direct flights as of now.

Gay Male Bars in Miami, Florida?

Gay men in Miami have a range of options to choose from when looking for a night out. From bars that provide drag entertainment and go-go boys, such as Twist and Score, to locales with extensive menus, such ...

How Long is the Flight From Heathrow to Miami?

A flight from Heathrow Miami is very long. If you are flying direct it can be done in 9 hours and 5 min.

Orange Miami Mobile Phone?

Thank you pinkilady . .please don't think I am being rude .. but you're sure? as long as the phone is on the same network as your sim card it should be fine

Weather Conditions in Miami, Florida?

The Sunshine State of Florida may have a hot and humid climate but it is also one of the wettest American states, with up to 50 inches of rain annually. Most rainfall happens during the hurricane season when...