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Minecraft Not Working. Might Be Optifine.?

First I would make sure that the mod that you are trying to download is compatible with your version of minecraft. Also, most mods come with instructions for the installation, so make sure that you have ever...

My Minecraft server isn't working help!?

Do you have more than one server? If so DELETE it... That's all I can think of.

Why isn't this Minecraft server working?

Your mc might be outdated or you internet connections not good currently

Why isnt my minecraft server working?

You can connect because you are hosting it. Did your friends change the server IP they are trying to connect to, with the one Hamachi is using?Also did you go into and update the IP.

Minecraft structure planner freeform not working?

Report this problem to the gaming service to get things fixed.

Best way to advertise my Minecraft server and my new Minecraft advertising website.?

(MINECRAFT) on minecraft how could i feed my wolf?

If it is yours to tame it you can give it bones and to feed it it needs to be raw pork chops to give to your dog.To help me you can check out our channel at :

Does my daughter pay for dental work shes single parent working but gets working tax credits?

If she gets WTC and earns £15,276pa she should automatically have been issued a Tax Credit exemption certificate. If she earns more then she has to look at paying unfortunately.However... a scheme for those...

If I have a flexible working contract, i.e. I work 24-32 hours per week, am I entitled to Working Tax Credits?

If you work more than 16 hours you would only be entitled to working tax credits if you had children. If you were on your own or with a partner you would have to be working over 30 hours (unless you are in r...

I am currently working in a finance dept. I would like to start working from home doing companies accounts....?

I know very few copmpanie that will allow you to do this work from home. Alot of finance work is inputting data, like bank reconciliations and such. They aren't going to let you just take checks or bank re...