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Can Statistics be Misleading?

There is an old adage that figures don’t lie, but liars know how to figure. In a sense this represents people’s wariness of statistics. Statistical interpretation can cause data to appear misleading. I...

Can I sue my car insurance company for misleading me?

Until a claim is actually settled, any offer can be withdrawn. Change of job doesn't normally cause a policy to be void, unless you have changed to an occupation that the insurer considers to be "unaccepta...


Complain to the Advertising Standards Authority at . It's free and they investigate it really well and fairly quickly. I think it's misleading because they show ppl on the adverts ...

Is this ebay advert misleading?

Yes it is. Contact seller, send back, then eBay he lied to you

Misleading photography gift card!?

Are you daft?You bought a gift card for a specific dollar amount. You should have researched what the costs were before buying the card.

Would this be classed as "misleading"?

Could be, so clarify it at the first opportunity. You haven't been employed by them but you have certainly done work for them - which may work in your favour.

Do you think an english brand having a foreign name is misleading?

i'm not sure the company name is hugely relevant..the brand of your product i would say is more important. Your company name could just be your surname for instance.HP sauce for instance - i cannot think who...

Warner Brothers has been misleading children! The coyote and the anvil hit the ground at the same time!?

You're exactly right. Occasionally one of those cartoons shows the coyote falling with the anvil directly above his head and the distance between them remaining constant, which is what should happen (ignorin...

HP Media Centres : Personal Media Drives?

Yep i've got an HP Media Centre. It is in several bits next to the sofa after months of trying to get the fecker's OS and RAM to work properly.Sorry, that's not very helpful is it?It sounds like you might wa...

Wikipedia archived false and misleading statements about Rory Emerald. How do I edit and/or remove content?

There are no false statements about Rory Emerald on Wikipedia. Rory Emerald is a hoaxter and a Yahoo! Answers meme. The article about Emerald on Wikipedia was deleted 5 1/2 years ago.