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How come your allowed to download music vidoes off Youtube but sites like limewire/torrent sites are illegal?

you're not explicitly allowed to download off youtube, but if it's been put into the public domain officially, such as a movie trailer, or a new music video, you'll find the publishers might use youtube to p...

Torrent Sites?

http://mininova.org is best cos wen u open a torrent in this sight it will give u all sites in which that torrent is available. SO u better go for this site & mininova is also a...

Torrent sites with free registration?

heres the largest and easiest ones to find stuff on i have foundhttp://www.torrentspy.comfor everythinghttp://www.bushtorrent.comfor everythingand also if you wishhttp://www.puretna.comfor `Adult` stuff

Any good torrent sites since demoniod and minova gone?

try AHASHARE, im very sad now ive lost MININOVA LOL, GOOD LUCK

Would fair use policy for broadband allow me to download movies from torrent sites?

Even if you can, it's still illegal. You're still looking at the possibility of a lawsuit or criminal charges. And since you're engaged in an illegal activity, I seriously doubt that it would fall under th...

My school has Music sites blocked, and i want to get passed that. What sites could work?

Go to www.hidemyass.comFrom there you can access any website, even if its blocked

What should I click on in pirate bay 'Get this torrent' or 'get torrent file'?

Either one is OK. "get this torrent" is a link to the magnet link for the download"get torrent file" is a link to the torrentBoth will get the same content.This explains the two a bithttp://news.softpedia.c...

Music download sites?

go to and have a looktry limewire too

The Top Legal Sites to Download Music?

Illegal music downloading is on the decrease as a number of legal websites that offer a safe, affordable and comprehensive music-downloading alternative enter the marketplace. A handful of major vendors offe...

Does any body know any good music sites?