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What is meant by off-site data storagw?

this means a site can store your info off site, usually at a price unless on the web cloud

BACKUP problems...Why wont it backup onto removable HD?

The errors are very clear, your external hard drive is on its way out...heading south.

Feedback for site please review my site is a free site for you?

Excellent. Much better. I went to your website. Very professional, Karl. I would just mention one thing you might consider - that roving white circle bullet dart that is flying back and forth across the webs...

How long will the magnetic data last on a VCR tape before it becomes no longer useable as read data — KR, Urbana, IL?

As long as the tape is kept cool and dry, its magnetization should remain stable for years. However, there is the problem of magnetic imprinting from one layer of tape to the adjacent layers on a spool. With...

Real time Intraday Data for NSE BSE & purified corrected FNO EOD Data for Metastock- Any providers?

I have found most reliable & value for money data feed is .They provide real time data for All indian exchanges and their speed is awesome.They use some sort of intelligent detec...

How is the integrity of data ensured when entering data into a system?

That's kind of vague.If you mean some person entering it by hand, you can do cross-checks by entering it more than once or getting two people to enter it (like you file a tax return and your employer files o...

What Is the Difference Between Data Mining and Data Warehousing?

The terms data mining and data warehousing are often confused by both business and technical staff. The entire field of data management has experienced a phenomenal growth with the implementation of data col...

AJ Data Services - Data Entry Jobs?

You can look the company up on the Better Business Bureau's web site for more information. I did a quick search and it did not come up with a company by that name but you can search by zi...

"disclosing data without the consent of data controller"?

This summary may help explain ODg= Cheers factor!

How real is online data entry job I have read about making money from home through internet data entry jobs.?