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Nursing home inspector (UK)?

Hi there,Nurse inspectors are employed directly through the Health Authority, or social services inspection unit, so check which is your local unit and I would enquire directly with them.

How to Become a State Nursing Home Inspector?

State nursing home inspectors conduct on-site inspections at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to determine whether they are in compliance with state and federal standards of health care. The...

English Presentation - Inspector Goole (Inspector Calls)?

A bit of a tall order - but the big thing about Goole is that he is an enigma. You will need to read through - but you are left wondering if he exists at all - is he perhaps a figment of the Birling's guilt ...

What will an insurance inspector will need to do when carrying out fire risk assessment of my home?

I am not sure why an insurance inspector would be carrying out an assessment.I wonder if this might be some person trying to sell you something? If it is, you would be better to ask your local crime preventi...

Where can I find an accredited place to study for the home inspector diploma in sussex?

Diffrences between a detective inspector and a detective chief inspector in the UK?

we are lucky in the UK as we have 2 very good sources, one is called Google and one is called Wikipedia, both very good, shame you are in Swedenhttp://en.wikipedia.o...of_the_United_Kingdom Dotty, ha-ha. We ...

Am I paying too much for my home energy (UK)?

Im not looking forward to my next energy bills. Its gone up a lot this month. On the radio in work today they were discussing it and said it was because theres not enough rival energy companies so theres nee...

Moving home and paying council tax?

You should phone up your local council in your area as they can give you specific information on it.

How and who do i contact about paying rates for a business im going to start at home?

John is correct. If you work from home there is no extra rates to pay. If people are coming to your home for hairdressing etc and you set up a special room to trade from, then you contact your Council.

Paying care home fees if got assets Scotland?

I can't answer this for sure but have a feeling that in Scotland unlike England she won't have to sell the house to pay fees. I am almost certain that you will find the answer on the website of Citizens Advi...