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What is your fav girl Perfume?

What is a good car for a young girl?

Depends on your Budget......Ford Fiesta……Ford Ka (original)…Ford Ka (current mode...

Young Girl's Fashions in the 70's?

Women's liberation and the hippie cultural movement heavily affected fashion for girls in the 1970s. Young girls and women were able to experience a freedom in fashion that had been more limited in the decad...

car insurance for young girl?

Have you tried Swift insurance, my son had a quote for £500ish it was cheaper than his previous one, he is nearly 22 yrs, he has a Ford Focus. What about Elephant, they are for females only I think. Sheila'...

Do you think a 13 year old girl is to young to wear makeup?

I have an equally 'right now' question - if a 13 year old plasters it on...because she's worth you think a 31 (or even seventeen) year old male is wrong to express any sort of desire for 'grown up Ky...

Why is it so hard for a young girl to find a job geez!!!?

mcdonalds, burgerking, the sorts .... i did mcdonalds now im a hi tech engineer in a top 50 world wide co.

Cooking in a restaurant or being a waitress which is better for a young girl of about 29 years...?

Depends on the amount of culinary experience you had. If you are just starting in the culinary experience then you want to be a waitress, but most restaurants have you start off as a bus boy/dish washer. it ...

How to apply from ernst and young pakistan to ernst & young UK?

Ask Ernst and Young. We would not know any better than them.

I'm a white girl with I promise you black girl textured hair How can I make it look how it should?

Whats sexier, a hot girl in a mini skirt, or a hot girl in jeans?