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Is anyone else having problems loading wikipedia?

I haven't heard of any problems today, but if it happens again, you can check the official status page or Twitter/Facebook accounts for announcements.

Anyone having problems loading up myspace atm?

Myspace loaded just fine for me just now using Mozilla.Response to Nikki - Myspace can be safe if you know what you are doing on the computer. Block Javascript and you will not get any viruses.

Is anyone else having problems with loading ITV Player today =/?

It opens fine for me. But I guess I am in the wrongregion for it. I am in The US.It opens fine with Google Chrome.

Problems loading my work website...please help before I cry!?

The Oz server is down - take the day off. I wished! All other staff, who are based world wide are still happily earning their money! This is a long post which contains no useful information, except that you...

Youtube videos having weird loading problems?

Many people are reporting on this same issue. And guess what? I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to suffer with you. YEP! I have the same exact issue, you just described. And it's not a flash issue either, a...

Facebook not loading?

Yes, having the same problem. Was ok early this morning but nothing happening since then. sometimes I get the homepage but nothing else. I can access it ok from my mobile.

Why facebook is not loading...?

If this has just started happening then I have no idea as mine is doing the same. Site maintainance maybe?

Facebook page not loading properly?

this sounds like your browser to me,try google chrome its a far better broser and a lot faster to use the internet hope this helps and good luck!!!!!!

Any idea why texas hold 'em poker on facebook is not loading?

Your system has too many Java programs loading.Shut down all programs.Disconnect from internetReconnect to Internet and it will load.

The Difference Between a Front-Loading and Top-Loading Washing Machine?

Front-loading washing machines may look similar in shape and size to top-loading machines, but they differ in the way each one washes clothes. In addition, the amount of soap used in a front-loading washing ...