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Hi i have B,C,C1 and C+E Driving license codes, can i work in UK as lorry driver with EEA driver license?

Yes you can but if you passed C+E after Sept 2009 you will also need a Drivers CPC card after having completed the course

How does the driver license test works and a driver license questions?

For your license or permit?For the permit, it's a written/computer test with ABCD questions. (Super easy.) If you've gotten your permit, and your 6 months of driving training, or are above 18 years of age,...

Can the dole pay for me to renew my dumper license?

How long do i have to renew my expired new york license?

You have posted this question, accidentally I am sure, in the UK and Ireland part of Yahoo.In order to post to the US site and to view US questions and answers - 1. Click the United States flag near the bot...

My UK photo driving license expires soon how do i renew it?

How to get a job with no driver license?

if job target is driving then i think its not possible.

What must I do to make driver license in uk?

Here is the website you need…

Is being a tube driver basically a license to print money?

Anyone who is intrinsically against unions is a fool. You would not enjoy any of the workers rights you have now if unions had not fought for them in the past. You may be against some decisions unions make b...

What happens a new driver gets 6 points on their driving license?

no m8 all it is is if u get 6 points within firs two years of passing your test (plus any forwarded that u recieve whilst on ur original proviosnal)u'll have to go back 2 provisonal conditions and resit both...

Should it be compulsory in the uk to obtain a motorcycle license before you can train as a car driver?

Yes, yes, and flippin yes! If everyone on the road had to learn to ride a two wheeler first we would have a much higher standard of driving.This is of course a safety issue. Everyone who rides knows that on ...