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Hi i have B,C,C1 and C+E Driving license codes, can i work in UK as lorry driver with EEA driver license?

Yes you can but if you passed C+E after Sept 2009 you will also need a Drivers CPC card after having completed the course

How does the driver license test works and a driver license questions?

For your license or permit?For the permit, it's a written/computer test with ABCD questions. (Super easy.) If you've gotten your permit, and your 6 months of driving training, or are above 18 years of age,...

Can the dole pay for me to renew my dumper license?

My UK photo driving license expires soon how do i renew it?

How long do i have to renew my expired new york license?

You have posted this question, accidentally I am sure, in the UK and Ireland part of Yahoo.In order to post to the US site and to view US questions and answers - 1. Click the United States flag near the bot...

How to Get a Job Without a Driver's License?

If you don't have a driver's license, finding a job may be a bit of an extra challenge. Some jobs are not an option at all, and others may be too far from home or not close to public transport. You even have...

How to get a job with no driver license?

if job target is driving then i think its not possible.

How to Get a Driver's License in Illinois?

If you are interested in driving in the state of Illinois, chances are you will need to visit one of the Secretary of State locations to obtain your driver's license. But do you know what documents to bring ...

How to Get a Driver's License in Sweden?

Sweden allows foreigners from most countries, including the United States, to drive for up to a year with a valid driver's license from the country of citizenship. However, for any stay longer than one year,...

What must I do to make driver license in uk?

Here is the website you need…