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How do i do the shark emoticon on facebook chat?

How to Make a Shark & Other Symbols on FB Chat?

Chatting online can be an easy exchange, made even easier when using emoticons. Although most people are familiar with the smiley and sad faces, there are a few more creative ones that you can use on Faceboo...

Where can I download the old facebook app for blackbery from the one without facebook chat included?

How to Make a Shark Symbol on Facebook?

Emoticons, such as smileys and frowning faces, are commonly used in Facebook chat. Sometimes, though, the best emoticons to use are the more novel ones. The Facebook shark emoticon shows a frontal view of a ...

Complain about the new facebook chat by going here:…?…This might be helpfull for you

On facebook chat what does....?

yeah, i think it means they're writing something

What's with the new facebook chat?

omg same! i just discovered it this morninglike you can see who's online but you can't access the options or anything?and you can't appear offline and online to your custom groups? Kinda sucks been asking ev...

How to Fix Chat Lag on Facebook?

Facebook chat is designed to allow for real-time communication with your contacts, but this isn't what happens in certain instances. If you find that your chat frequently lags behind, whether the delay in me...

Do you chat more on msn or facebook?

Facebook, MSN will no longer exist after the middle of 2013 as Skype will take over.

How to Pin the Facebook Chat Bar?

Facebook is among the world's most popular websites and is a favoured online haven for communicating with friends, family and loved ones. Facebook's built-in chat function allows you to send real-time instan...