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Iam quite bored any gd websites?

Try StumbleUpon. You have to register & tell it what kind of stuff you like, then it throws random webpages at you, which you can either give a thumbs up or thumbs down to & it learns your tastes.I got it la...

I am bored do you know any websites?


Help I'm bored!!! Does anyone know any good websites? its always good at this time in da morning

Bored at home........anyone know any good websites?

Well i like to answer questions on Yahoo! Anwsers as i like helping people.You could always email friends that you haven't spoken to for a while aswell.

What websites do you like to surf when you are bored at home.................?

DON'T click Julie J's link. It's malware.Anyhoo, this is my bestsest site ever!!!!

I'm bored at work. Anyone know any websites that'll put a smile on my face?

how about these………… http://www.jibjab....

When bored and on-line what really good websites do you recommend?

Why not try out It's a site that wants your opinion on anything and everything. And tell all your mates.

I'm bored - can anyone suggest any funny or interesting websites that i can look at please?

Im bored at work, any ideas for good fun websites that wont be blocked by my server?

GOOD QUESTION. We all need to bookmark this page. :)Good list too. I can only add a few more to that collection of sites. They are online game sites:* Hard to ezplain. It's a...

Where can i find traffic stats for websites (not my websites)?

You can obtain only approximate numbers but not exact ones unless you have admin access to the backend of that website.