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Guys: perfumes you love on girls!?

OMG Use ghostit smells so goodI actually wanna wear it sometimes:P

Guys Do you not think that some expensive perfumes are passion killers Why do girls think that guys like them?

I was told I smelt good last week and I wasn't wearing perfume but I was not long out of the shower.

Girls should i be looking for older girls i'm fed up with girls my age they all cheat on me help me?

I think older girls are more mature...Girls your age or younger are immature and have no clue about anything. Just don't go to old, lol.


Kenzo for women very light indeedDKNY smells of apples so crisp and light and fresh not sweet

<<<celebrity perfumes>>>?

nice question! i think that they don't use them often celebs arn't even bothered what it smells like aslong as its good publicity and moneys in it!x thanks for asking x

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Celebrity perfumes.....?

britney ones are all really sweet , especially the pink one called curious( i think) and the blue one called midnight, but she does another one that looks like a genie lamp kinda light blue, and its not as s...

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Originating in Venice in the 16th century, the art of perfume making quickly became a growing business due to the ready availability of resins and fragrant oils from Asia. In addition, the invention of the p...

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