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What should I click on in pirate bay 'Get this torrent' or 'get torrent file'?

Either one is OK. "get this torrent" is a link to the magnet link for the download"get torrent file" is a link to the torrentBoth will get the same content.This explains the two a bithttp://news.softpedia.c...

How do I get rid of the auto-fill/search suggestions (based on search history) in the google search box?

You press the down arrow and then you press delete. :)And wa-lahh !It's gone.Well, you have to do it for all of them.But it works. :)xo.

Whatever i search on youtube search bar, it appears on my google search bar too.why?

Hmm, Maybe because Youtube is owned by Google...As Far As I know you can't change these settings.

Why when using google or yahoo search engines do i always get redirected to some crappy adult search engine?

adware / spyware. try running 1 of theseAdaware http://www.lavasoft.comSpybot http://www.spybot.infoAlso make sure you don't have a satic DNS (thats 1 way they do this) Also make sure you have no proxy s...

Search engine optimisation - are drop-down keyword search lists a good idea?

Search engines work on complex algorithmic formulas and calculations which ultimately determine the quality user experience that a web browser will experience when navigating to your site.You will however ge...

How do I clear the previous search history on my PC.I bought it second hand ,whenever I go to type a search?

you need to clear your browser history.Look under 'tools' in your toolbar then go into 'browser options' and clear the 'URLS'

How can I get rid of the search memory/history appearing on my google search box. Its so irratating!"?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean as I don't use google. But if you want to clear out what you have searched for in the past, then go to Tools/Internet Options/ Content/ Autocomplete/ Clear Forms. Hope this...

How do I remove my details from Badoo and internet search results search ?

Hey,The problem you are having is a common issue. If not Badoo, then other files will do the same with your name in order to get traffic. Leaving you to deal with the issue on your own. Not quite fair way to...

Why shouldn't you search for pony in google images with safe search off?

I would guess it probably has something to do with something called "Bronies." There is a very large fanbase of male internet users who enjoy the show based off "My Little Pony." I've never seen it personall...

Every time i choose a search on google i get other sites not connected to my search?

Try to use adblock plus this will take out all adds with a right mouse click.