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What clothing size would i be in the UK (measurements included)?

That's roughly the same as me, so you'd be about an 8 or 10, depending on which shop you go to or the cut of the clothes :)

How to Determine Clothing Size Measurements?

Measurements can be tricky, especially when it comes to clothing. Sizes are not universal so determining measurements for different clothes is essential. You may find it difficult because a medium shirt from...

Starting a clothing brand. Advise on the best streetwear clothing/accessory manufacturers (mainly in the UK)? is a social marketplace where emerging designers to established brands to vintage traders can open a boutique to trade online You can also connect with the fashion community e.g. Styli...

Where can i get my ideas for t-shirts printed for example, waxed clothing and rahet clothing help?

Does the word "Zef" have copyright I want to name my clothing company Zef Clothing/Apparel.?

Well you wouldn't use Copyright, you would use a Trademark and Zef is currently the trademark of SINAC Société par Actions Simplifiée FRANCE 16 rue de Charonne F-75011 PARIS FRANCEI don't speak french and...

Who are the best makers of clothing for lifeboat crew member clothing?

In all honesty it depends on what your looking for. Lifejackets I'd say crewsaver, offshore gear henri loyyd. I notice you've asked 11 q's and never answered one... interesting.

How to Turn 2010 Clothing Into 1970s Clothing?

You don't always need to hunt through thrift stores for genuine vintage pieces to get the 1970s look. It is often possible to re-create key trends from an era by carefully selecting and customising modern it...

Are my measurements bad?

Being ur own judge u will be happy.feel i m the best model on the earth.

Are my measurements what they should be?

I just put the tape measure in a 50cm circle and it looks like they are probably very shapely, don't try and get those twiglet legs, that people assume are sexy, nice shapely legs win every time, and yours s...

How to Measurements?

You can make sure of many measurement equipment such as tape measure to get the correct height or width of a certain object. Just be accurate in getting measurements so that you won't have to repeat the proc...