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My caravan tyre size is 175 13R with no profile size how do i find size to get a quote?

The standard profile is 80% so, even though it is not stated, it is actually a 175/80/13 tyre.

Is size 12 (british size) Fat (size 10 american)?

It definately isnt and dont let anyone tell you any different!

Im a size 10 in jeans but for high waisted disco pants should i buy a size smaller ?

i wouldhigh waisted sit higher up, so you are smaller there than on your hipsyou may need to go more than 1 size downtry them on before buying

Would It Look OK to Use a Full Size Headboard With a Queen Size Mattress?

If you have a queen size mattress and a full size headboard, you can pair them together to make your bedroom appear as though it has a complete bed. In most cases you'll need a converter piece or a converter...

My son wants to learn to drive but at 6ft 4in and having size 17 (uk size) feet is struggling?

A friend of mine had a similar problem although his feet aren't that big,he's 6'7.He learnt to drive in a 2 door automatic Focus. He learnt to use his left foot for braking and his right for just the acceler...

Men, in your opinion what is the best size for women Do men prefer size 6 or 12?

UK size 12 without a doubt. I'm not a bloke, but I know most blokes will go for the size 12. UK size 6 is only ever okay for very petite people with tiny frames who just happen to be naturally built that way...

I am 20 yrs old and am currently a size 38 waist how long would it take to get to a size 32 in jeans?

How do I change my settings so that internet pages are full size instead of about quarter size?

If you are using Internet Explorer (and version 7 of it) please try the following:-1. Select the Internet Options from the tools menu2. Select the advanced tab on the Internet Options3. Under Accessibility s...

Are 2 Twin Mattresses the Same Size As 1 King Size Mattress?

You may have noticed that hotels often link two twin beds together to form a single king size bed. The hotel can rent the room to clients who prefer twin beds as well as to others who prefer a king bed. You ...

Where to get a size 8/10(adult size) Teenage Pink Dress?

RepublicNew LookRed HerringH&MAX ParisTry EBayUrban Outfitters UKLots of these shops are gaving sales too! Hope I helped, have fun at the party!