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Best place to buy cheap used cars?

Car suppermarket! Bristol trade centre and the like. LOADS of main steam cars... 56 reg ford KA from £4000 Otherwise try or E-bay.

Cheap reliable cars that have cheap car insurance?

Cars are put in to groups for insurance purposes with group 1 being the cheapest. There are so many different models out there that we couldn't possibly give you all the groups, but if you visit the web site...

Good Used Cars to Make Into Electric Cars?

Finding the right donor vehicle is the most important step in starting your electric car conversion. While there is no perfect vehicle for electric conversion, there are several things to look for when makin...

Cheap cars with cheap insurance?

The cheapest, most basic car is still going to cost a new driver at least £3,000 to insure, no matter which insurance company you use.If you cannot afford that, then you cannot afford to run a car.

How to Mod Cheap RC Cars?

It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on an RC car at your local hobby store. However, spending more money on a car doesn't necessarily equate to more fun. There are cheap RC cars available for those shopp...

Where can I buy cheap cars?

If you were in USA I would recommend you to search at Autopten but this site doesn't work for the UK, sorry.

Why are American cars so cheap in the UK?

Because American engineers have learned how to make affordable quality.

Top 5 cheap cars to insure?

Factors unrelated to the car, such as your age, address and previous insurance claims influence the cost of auto insurance, though the car itself is the main influence on cost. The likelihood of the car bein...

Cars cheap on the insurance?

This link provides data collected by and should help you make an educated decision with a little less guesswork.…Aside from the risk associated with you as ...

How to Find Cheap Cars for Sale?

You can find cheap cars for sale on the Internet. There are a lot of websites that offer second hand cars. For example, search around 100,000 used cars for sale in the UK at the following site: