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Why does my car crank over slow in cold weather, but then it is fine again in mild weather?

It is a combination of the battery producing less power at low temperatures and the oil in the engine being thicker at low temperatures, but it is the battery that has the greatest effect.If your battery is ...

Im thinking of starting a youtube channel for fifa videos! I need some ideas for a good channel name.?

Dude, you'll do about 10 videos then give up because you can't be arsed to do the video editing and uploading:-)

How can i make my youtube channel , when some on click my channel link that subscribe thing pop up?

You can use the YouTube annotations editor to add text and links to videos you have uploaded. To access the Annotations Editor:Click on the arrow next to Upload at the top of any YouTube pageFrom the drop ...

Any feedback on my channel/first video, any tips or advice on how to improve or advertise my channel?

Give yourself a description and link it to any other sites you may use. Instead of me explaining i would just say watch this video i found a while ago, it's pretty good, and worked fairly well for me :)http:...

Ram:16GB Quad Channel @ 1600 Mhz or 8GB Dual Channel @ 1866 Mhz?

I'd try some tests with both two and four modules & see which gives best actual performance.A slightly faster memory clock does not guarantee better system performance, especially with an FX CPU - they have ...

Im new to cb radio is channel 19 like the main contact channel?

It used to be 14 on the old illegal sets, but now it is 19 as the breaker channel' 1 9 for a copy come on' !

What is better a 500W Max, 2-channel car amplifier or a 720W Max, 4-Channel?

depends on the application.Max power ratings have very little value in determining the acutal power output of the amp. You need to find rms ratings. Generally speaking a 500w max amp is not very powerful. ...

What Is a Marketing Channel or Channel of Distribution?

A marketing channel is a specific medium or means by which to communicate with consumers. A distribution channel is a means or medium by which to transport goods or deliver services to consumers. Comprehensi...

How to make channel art for the new channel layout?

Hello,Just have a photoshop software and make your channel pic/ art as you wish.

If i put my youtube channel name on here and asked you guys to check my Youtube channel out, would that be ok?

It's damn sure against the Yahoo Answers rules! Read them and pay special attention to "Exploiting the community".