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I think i've been given a job by mistake!?

If it isn't a critical job, I'd go for it. Maybe what you think of as a "modest job" is actually excellent. Plus who is to say that they could hire a better person for the job? Maybe you're more qualified...

Big mistake!!?

Is there a punchline..............? punchline ? This all seems very odd. I can't see how they could mix you up. Their records will be sorted either by policy number or name, not by address! This must be a wi...

There is a mistake on my p45?

Contact your previous employer and ask him for a replacement. Your P45 is a legal document and has to be accurate.

Have I made a bad mistake?

Sparks.I upgraded to windows 8 and bitterly regret it. I was told that windows 8 was cheap but essential because it addressed some very serious security issues that has come to light with previous Microsoft ...

HELP big mistake made?

sadly you are not alone, eight years working n a citroen garage ive seen at least 3 people a week do this , unfortunatly this is human error and the fuel tank has to be drained and new fuel run through, spec...

Subwoofer mistake :(?

get a little black silicone sealant (rtv) and put it on both sides of your tear. you'll be good as new.

Mistake at work and annoyed somebody a lot!?

What a confused and confusing question.Probably on the way out if you're like this all the time.

New job. Mixed feelings or a mistake?

Give urself some time to settle in and get used to it, you're not too young. Maybe talk to ur boss/mentor about feeling a bit out of your depth and ask what you can improve/what you need to do etc. They'll r...

I made a mistake in my email for a job.?

Go to your "sent" folder and double check the e-mail. If it was wrong, then copy and paste the details into a fresh e-mail and change the mistakes. Then add an attachment at the bottom saying: EDIT: Correcte...

Ive made a mistake on ucas! :(?

You need to contact the universities straight away if there is a mistake.