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How Do I Wire a Double Pole Double Throw Switch?

A double pole double throw (DPDT) switch moves two different electric currents between two pairs of terminals. This type of switch is typically used in electronic applications to select two different functio...

How to Hook Up a Double-Pole Double-Throw Switch?

Electrical switches, although varying in their design and complexity, generally represent a way to cut off the flow of electricity between two different parts of a circuit. Double-pole double-throw switches ...

How to Wire a Double Pole Double Throw Switch?

A double pole double throw (DPDT) switch is a three-selection electrical device in which there is one "off" and two "on" positions. An application for this switch is for reversing a direct current (DC) elect...

Guys; Does a girls BODY matter when looking to get with a girl And what body type is most attractive?

Yes, very much so.Body type depends. Some guys like the hourglass figure, some like the sporty/athletic (small boobs and tight rear).I like both, as long as she is in shape

Women: do you prefer a slim, somewhat toned body (David Beckham) or a ripped, muscular body (John Cena)?

If a Dvd description says :DVD+R 2.4x 8.5GB Double layer 5 pack! What does the DOUBLE LAYER part mean?

Double Layer refers to a technology that is used to pack more data onto a DVD disc. A standard single layer DVD has about 4.5 GB of data storage. Using special disc manufacturing methods and having a speci...

What is heat What actually flows from a hot body to a cold body — AW, Pakistan?

Heat is thermal energy that is flowing from one object to another. While several centuries ago, people thought heat was a fluid, which they named "caloric," we now know that it is simply energy that is being...

Double Msn..Double Conversation?

Yes, this is ongoing problem with MSN for a long time.It appears to me that Customer service / MSN CS is not looking to the problem and may loose their clients. make a complaint via networking for their atte...

Want flawless body. Guys tell me im beautiful but my body is well.....please help!!!?

Its not flawless body that'd impossible,it is a flawless mind nobody is perfect,accept what you are and have

Hideous face and amazing body or stunningly beautiful face and not so good body.?

Definitely..face over body, but all together everyone grows old and change appearance..the heart and inner personality is what is more important.