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Does your name have a meaning, if so, what is it If your name doesn't have a meaning, what would you like you?

What is the meaning of ISP?

ISPInternet Service ProviderA company that provides users access to the Internet. Before you can connect to the Net, you must first establish an account with an ISP. For a monthly fee, the Internet Service P...

Meaning of looking hot to someone?

What is the meaning of URL?

Universal Resource Locator iirc. It changes the DNS [Domain Name Server] codes used by computers and changes it into human readable format if my memory serves me correctly.edit: Or is it IP instead of DNS?

What is the meaning of your name?

What Is the Meaning of PRN Medications?

Doctors often use Latin terms when they write prescriptions, but these terms usually have a simple English equivalent. You must know the proper instructions for taking medication in order to use it correctly...

What Is the Meaning of Egyptian Art?

The art of ancient Egypt is packed with symbolism, with every figure and icon represented containing divine significance. The earliest surviving Egyptian art dates from the eighth millennium B.C., but it is ...

What the full meaning of W.H.O?

What is the meaning of uralakarangu?

What is the meaning of life?

Life – it has a meaning and loving purpose - you just have to find your purpose and live it.I believe every person is here for a definite purpose. Each person is special and valuable; that refers to me, yo...