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If I add a photo to tumblr, and it later appears on google, if I remove it from tumblr, will it be removed?

People with tumblr: Tumblr Family?

I offer myself as your Tumblr Neighbor Down The Street You Hang With (with possible FWB).


You're tumblr's great!! I like it lol

How to get follows on tumblr?

Follow people who follow back, talk to the people you follow, ask for promos. Things of that sort, isn't really that great for followers because most people just unfollow from there. Make ...

Tumblr URL - Somebody help?

Le-cheval for theme and you're URL you have to think of it! Haha be creative like what do you like or a nickname or something. follow me on tumblr ill follow you back:) and ...

I need a tumblr name?

TUMBLR HELP...................?

It's part of the theme you're using, you have an overlapping header (search bar) so it's meant to overlap your posts. It's just the way the theme was created. You'll have to search the HTML for the coding an...


anythingandeverything? something like that because your posts are varied you need to pinpoint people what its about!

Which tumblr url :)?

sandy--turtlesIt's the smallest URL, and no one likes a long URL. People are more likely to follow a blog that has less letters in it, you know? I like it.

I need help on tumblr?

i went to your link and i don't see any white search bar? but your blog is cool i like it :)