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How can i see who sees my facebook profile..?

You can't because FB does NOT provide that facility.It's against FB Policy anyway.

Facebook. How do I control who sees my friends list?

You can't hide one person from her, but you can hide your friends list from her completely.Go to your profile on facebook, and where the friends box is go to the topright hand corner and a little editing pen...

Is it possible to control who sees your facebook profile picture?

Yeah, It is possible to control who can see our profile picture.

If i tweet something on twitter, who sees it?

Making sure noone ever sees my comments on myspace?

make your profile privateif you want to stop your friends from being able to see them then im afriad your going to hav to block them - they wont be able to see them thenxxxhope ive helped!xxx

DVD drive sees disc that is not present?

You probably took out a disc before it was thru writing. You need to manually close your CD writing program.

Why cant I get my new hardrive to been seen on my computer when the bios sees it?

You need to format it into a format the operating system can read. If your using Win XP, needs to be NTFS. If its a new drive, it wont see it through the op system. If you can get hold of Partition magic, yo...

When I look into the mirror is that how the world sees me or is it reversed?

When you look in the mirror, your left eye is on the left. When somebody sees you, your left eye is on the right.

How Long do Poppy Sees Stay in Your Body?

Eating food containing poppy seeds may result in a positive drug test. However, you should not worry because it will only be in your system for 24-48 hrs. Check out more information here:

How common it is that one sees another driver or passenger in another vehicle staring at you in traffic?

It's probably because you were talking on the phone. Using a phone while driving is quite a safety hazard. I would have stared at you too!In fact, I stare at people in traffic all the time just for fun to se...