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Can a Norton antivirus i bought be used on another pc or can it only be used once?

Can i find out if my laptop has been used since I used it. I dont want others to use it but cant take it every?

Put a BIOS password on it. That's much harder to bypass (including hard for you to bypass, so doo NOT forget what it is).

Can anyone tell me whats classed as copyright in squidoo plz,ive used original content but used pics of Google?

The easiest way is to take your own photos, so there's never any doubt. Probably the second best thing is to search for photos that have a creative commons license 3.0 that allows commerical use and is ok t...

Where can i get used underwear used by another person?

well when you have sex with a girl you can jack her's.

Would you buy a used Audi S4 Avant or a used Mazda 3 MPS?

I wouldn't get either.I'd look at American made first.@ Darius:Yes, I can tell this women lives in the UK.You clearly didn't know America sells plenty of cars there.

Do I buy used car in ebay or local used car dealer?

Depends on what car you want to buy, if you are just looking for a car in a certain price brand and aren't too bothered about make / model then look at what is on offer locally. The advantage of buying off a...

How did the sniperscopes used in World War II work They seem to have used an invisible light to illuminate the target and the sniper then looked through the scope and was able to see the target. — ND, Florence, Montana?

These sniperscopes used infrared light to illuminate their targets and then detected this infrared light with the help of an infrared-sensitive photocathode. Producing infrared light is easy; any incandescen...

When flashbulbs were used with cameras, was there a coil in the camera and a magnet, or how did they get it to light Also, how are flashes used on cameras today different than flashbulbs?

Flashbulbs contain a wad of very fine magnesium wire that burns almost instantly in a gas of pure oxygen. The wire is ignited by a small piece of gunpowder-like primer material that is itself ignited by the ...

What is the best foundation you have used and what is the best concealer you have used?

Hi well seen as thought I have tried nearly every foundaton under the sun I thought Id try Tescos Barbara Dailys MAKE-UP range in the oil free foundation in porceline (they have other shades) and this is the...

How to Buy a Used Jet Ski?

A jet ski, like any vehicle, loses its value quickly. Buying a used jet ski that's in proper working condition can save you a lot of money in the long run. Resale value generally isn't too high and it's like...