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What is the weirdest thing you have found on ebay - I found this....?… how about this one

User Not Found When Calling on Skype?

When trying to place calls to your contacts in Skype, you might receive a user not found error. While this can happen for a number of reasons, you'll be unable to communicate using Skype regardless of the ca...

Found on word spy , user-eye D, can you guess the meaning or perhaps you know it.?

New Paypal/Ebay User?

You can buy immediately as long as you have a valid credit card assigned to the paypal. If you succesfully verified it, you can go and buy sth right now.

I want someones user name on ebay, is it possible?

It's very unlikely you can do that legitimately, I think you should get your own account since you are doing something reasonable. Sounds a bit like impersonation using some else's account.

Is this ebay seller/user safe?

this is a bidding process on ebay and the bidding will stop in one day so the price is bound to go up also the blackberry itself is a older model so it will be cheaper it is very hard for people to get scamm...

What privacy settings should I be aware of as a new user to Ebay.?

You should look out for auctions, with all capital letters in them.

Ebay app on Andriod - no network found message?

Can you use them for browsing on WiFi?If not, you need to configure the Wifi to match your router

Selling found products online (ebay)?

Just wondering why they would have been thrown away - have you tested them?

Whats most unusual item u've found listed on ebay?

In October two yearsago I listed and sold the Invisable man. He sold for £1.04 plus a penny postage and he must have gone cos I have not seen him since!I was mentioned on Real Radio (UK) he had 39 watchers...